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                                          Charly (Russell's son is enjoying a delicious glass of Garagiste Chardonnay
                                         at the Zanzibar in Dunedin.
                                          Gisborne Garagiste Chardonnay 2014
                                         Jonas the owner of the Zanzibar in Dunedin which also sells over 100                                                   different gins.

We had a very successful time at the 2016 Gisborne Regional wine Awards. We got two awards for the 2015 St Laurent. Best Red Wine in the Show and best Red wine in the other Red category. Well done Brent, you are doing a great job of making the wines.
Best red wine in other Category

Best Red Wine of the Show

Here is the link to the Photos taken by Stephen Jones of the 2016 Gisborne Wine Awards

Here is the link to the Photos taken by Stephen Jones of the 2015 Gisborne Wine Awards

The photos taken at Brent's house with the judges are photos 445 to 495. We will include the food matches in our blogs. The food was preapred by Ingrid, Russell's wife.

Photos from the 2013 Gisborne Regional Wine Awards.

Also if you would like to see more photos from the 2013 Gisborne Regional Wine awards, please click on the link below. Photos of the Gisborne Regional Wine Awards taken by Stephen Jones
Photos of our wine looking Pretty.

Photos of McLaurin Vineyard in Hexton, Gisborne. A multi award winning vineyard. The grapes are looking great.  Looking forward to another good vintage in Gisborne. 

2014 Gisborne Wine and Food Festival